Beoremote Halo Remote Control

Remote control for accessing music and smart home features without having to use your mobile device. Integrated with touch screen display. Simple and intuitive.

Colour: Natural
Beoremote Halo: Table stand


One touch to music – easy and simple

Beoremote Halo gives you all the convenience of a simple user interface to operate your Bang & Olufsen music system. When you get close to Beoremote Halo, the display lights up and offers you a one button press to select your music. There is no need to use your mobile device or to pull anything out of your pocket and fiddle around trying to find the right app to get started.

Table Stand or Wall Mounted?

Connect Beoremote Halo with Beosound Core to use it with your Beolab speakers or Beosound Shape. You can also connect it directly to our multiroom speakers. Read more about compatibility in the technical specifications.

The Table Stand

Portable and Dynamic

The Table Stand version includes a battery, so you can carry it around in your home. Charge it via USB-C or wirelessly with our Beoplay Charging Pad. With no further installation required, it can be directly connected to your speakers or Beosound Core and play your favorite music with just one touch.

The Wall Mounted

As easy as switching on the lights

The Wall Mounted Version of Halo will be perfectly integrated with your interior design. Place it at a central point in your house or have one for each room, so you can switch on the music as easy as switching on the lights. Contact your local store to custom install it in your home.


One touch to music

Beoremote Halo offers four favourite buttons on the display screen. If you’re listening to a specific radio station on your Bang & Olufsen music system, you can press and hold a favourite button and the specific radio station will now be stored on this button. The simplicity of storing a favourite is the principle as car radios have used for decades.


Take control of your home

Beoremote Halo seamlessly integrates with BeoLiving Intelligence for Smart Home controls: turn off lights, adjust shades, tweak temperature, turn up the music and more. Halo’s Home Automation interface is automatically configured by BeoLiving Intelligence Essential, with the option of adding more bespoke experiences through BeoLiving Intelligence Pro. Control your home in just seconds.


Home speakers system connectivity

Beoremote Halo will show both the stored favourites and built in music sources. The display will show a list of all Bang & Olufsen music systems and will start up on the last operated product.


Like Magic

Table Stand or Wall Mounted, Beoremote Halo incorporates an integrated touch screen display surrounded by an aluminium ring that controls volume and appears to be magically floating in the air. Designed as an interior piece, Beoremote Halo combines craft and materials with excellent control of your Bang & Olufsen system. All in a timeless design that will fit into any interior style.


Form meets function

Beoremote Halo has been designed in both a functional and an aesthetic way – and lights up to welcome you as you approach it. The stunning aluminium wheel is crafted with all the attention to detail you would expect from Bang & Olufsen. You can add as many Beoremote Halo remote controls as you want to any room in your home. Wireless charging will deliver your favourite music anywhere, any time.

Included in the box

  • Table Stand: Beoremote Halo and a USB-A to USB-C cable (approx. 1 meter)
  • Wall Mounted: get in touch with your local store to customize the set up for your home.


  • Torsten Valeur, Valeur Designers


  • Anodised Aluminium
  • Plastic
  • Glass


  • Table Stand: 0.54 kg
  • Wall Mounted: 0.32 kg


  • Table Stand: 12.8 x 11.1 x 11.7 cm (Diameter x Depth x Height)
  • Wall Mounted: 12.8 x 3.8 cm (Diameter x Depth)


Table Stand

  • USB-C
  • Wireless Charging (Qi standard)
  • Battery playtime: 24 hours
  • Battery Size: 1110 mAH
  • Charging Time: 6 hours

Wall Mounted

  • USB-C
  • DC 12-30V
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) - Optional accessory


You can connect Beoremote Halo to your Beolab speakers and Beosound Shape through Beosound Core.

Halo connect directly with Beovision Eclipse, Beovision Harmony, Beolab 28 and the following Multiroom Speakers: Beosound Stage, Beosound 1 (1 & 2nd Gen.), Beosound 2 (1 & 2nd Gen.), Beoplay A9 (2nd, 3rd and 4th Gen.), Beoplay M3, Beoplay M5, Beoplay A6, Beosound Edge, Beosound 35, Beosound Essence 2nd Gen, Beosound Emerge, Beosound Level and Beosound Balance, BeoPlay V1, Beovision 11, BeoVision 12, BeoVision 14, BeoVision Avant, BeoSystem 4, BeoVision Horizon, BLC NL/ML.

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