Beosound A9 Active Speaker

Sound and form come together in this iconic, customizable speaker. Seven drivers provide the power. A century of craftsmanship ensures the form.

Colour: Gold tone



Beoplay A9 Fifth generation moves into the Beosound family

Experience the next generation of our powerful wireless speaker with rich sound, authentic materials and a unique, iconic design. We've taken all the great things from previous generations of the Beoplay A9 and improved them even further with the implementation of the Mozart module and design updates that take the product to the next level.


The Beosound A9 5th Gen. has been upgraded and is now equipped with the Mozart module. This upgrade gives the products new capabilities, new purposes and new possibilities. It breathes new life into our products.

Mozart is Bang & Olufsen's software platform, created to ensure that the life of our products goes beyond physical design and craftsmanship. A seamless experience that embraces the luxurious Bang & Olufsen touch and is designed to be updated, improved and evolved over the years.

In addition to enabling quick and easy configuration, the new platform is ready for future software upgrades. The Mozart platform is designed according to modular principles. This means that our products are easy to service and repair, and allows for future upgrades to the streaming module.


We work with Longevity in mind to ensure that our products have a long life through development, upgrading and repair. We even intend to extend that life beyond the initial useful life to promote reuse, remanufacturing and recycling. This is what we call circularity.


The Beosound A9 5th Gen. is designed as a piece of furniture that adds a sculptural edge and style to an interior. Gone are the days of having to hide your large stereo. Whatever your decorating style, the Beosound A9 will fit in beautifully or stand out convincingly - it's up to you. Wherever you place it, it will look beautiful and elegant.

If you want to change the decor, you can create your own look by choosing textile covers and wooden legs. Exceptional adaptive versatility means you can enjoy the speaker anywhere in your home. You can place it where it best suits your decor - free-standing on the floor, in a corner or hanging on the wall. Beosound A9 always delivers a sophisticated sound experience.

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